Tag: #FreedomRadio

  • Added some videos on Youtube and Tiktok pages

    Just chopped up the videos into smaller sections and added to youtube and tiktok channels. Please check them out Includes videos of Simon B , Rob Sharpe and Tango all from Freedom Radio Old Hill 1989

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  • Some more great photos

    We have a few more photos to bring you as always we don’t know where they they came from. These are mainly from the Tanhouse Flats era 1991-1992 we can’t be sure its been a long time. We have also added a couple of videos to the youtube channel. Hope you all enjoy this little…

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  • A Few Pictures

    We have put a few more pictures online of some of the old Freedom Studios and Roadshows mainly 1988/1989 era from Tanhouse and Old Hill Days dont know where the original pics came from we just put them in one collection in one place and try make a few people smile about nicer times. :)…….…

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