Second Show of 2024

Looks Like Wayne Norris has been the Second to do a show for 2024 and Take over the online stream with a live show. And it was and hour of crazy tunes n chat that no one else plays… yet .

We also heard a mention of the return of the Sixties show which he has not done since the 90s. We all remember the records being retired to the Mucklow Hill tip. Well so i’m told some fool built a D.I.Y superstore on the tip and the records were dug up and because he wrote his name on them they were returned. So moral of story kids write ya name on ya stuff…….

Anyway Keep and eye out for the Sixties show dont know if or when it will happen also keep an eye out on the stream for who will be next to take over the stream. If any DJs are needing a login give us a shout we think we have sent them all but were getting on a bit so who knows.

Keep Checking the site and social media for any news and untill next time have yourselves a bosta because we intend too….

If you missed Wayne Norris show or any other shows dont worry they can be found on our site in the New Shows section .

Wayne Norris – 22nd Febuary 2024